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        Based on ergonomic application, the console not only meets the environment and work needs of the command center,

        It is designed according to the application of visual distance, angle, space position of worktable, reserved space for legs and other ergonomic related factors.

        Visual sensitivity

        According to the ambient light, color temperature and overall decoration style of different command and control centers, reasonably arrange the position and brightness of main light sources and auxiliary light sources to adjust the brightness, color and contrast between the product and the overall environment, so as to achieve perfect harmony between the product and the environment.

        Acoustic control

        According to the sound sources generated by various factors inside and outside the command center, comprehensively consider to ensure clear indoor speech, reduce the hearing damage caused by strong sound pressure, reduce various indoor and outdoor noises, and control the sound intensity according to local conditions. Design reasonable ways of absorption, blocking and noise reduction.

        Product accessories

        Product accessories can be selected according to the needs of users and the actual environment. The appearance and color of accessories can be selected in a variety of styles.

        Case display
        Design their own overall solutions for different industries